Today’s post is brought to you by nostalgia.

This morning I read through a post called “The Best Meme’s of All Time” and it was beauteous. 

Each meme transported me back to the time when that meme hit and went viral. 

Sure, some didn’t age well (Don’t Tase Me Bro comes to mind) but others are just wonderful nuggets that still bring a smile to our faces (at least mine.)

And the one that keeps on giving for me is the “dancing baby meme” that was everywhere in the mid-nineties and even had a guest shot on Ally McBeal episode. 

For those who don’t remember or who have fewer rings around their trunks, the video is below (email subscribers may need to click through to the post to see the video)…



It never fails to please.

But the point is the dancing baby was fun 25 years ago. And it’s fun now.

Don’t assume old is bad and new is good.

If you ran a program 10 years ago that got results revisit it. It might be just what you need. The structure might have been perfect and if you have people in your audience that remember it, the nostalgia factor may just up the response. 

Old is sometimes old.

But old is sometimes good. 

Sometimes looking backward is the best way to find a way forward.