Missed yesterday. Making up today.

Post #1 – You Don’t Motivate Anyone

HUGE misnomer – you can’t motivate anyone. I know there are 100s of consultants that will sell you a system/process promising to motivate people. I disagree. I create my own motivation. Your program creates the opportunity for me to be engaged.

Motivation is my choice. Your incentive program is a choice architecture. You set the table. I decide to eat.

When you think of your programs and initiatives through that lens you do a better job of creating things people want to get involved with.

Do that.

Post #2 – You Can Motivate Anyone

That may seem like a disconnect from Post #1 – and it is but mostly for dramatic effect. You still can’t motivate people, but your program has the POTENTIAL to engage everyone and provide the appropriate elements that make your participant engage and change their behaviors.

What I mean is there are many different things that get people’s engines running. Cover as many as you can. It’s not that people won’t engage it’s just you haven’t found what they need. Survey, ask, talk. Get input.

Don’t run the program the other guy ran. Don’t just pick the thing your boss likes as an award.

Do read the 7 Deadly Sins of Program Design and listen to the webinar.