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Incentive To Change

One of the things that keeps me young (younger? young-ish? not old? not too old?) is the amount of effort I put into intentionally trying new processes, procedures, software, routines, etc.  I change my browser every 4 months. Not just… Continue Reading →

Incentives are NEVER a Bad Thing

I’ve had folks tell me they don’t like incentives or some of the behavioral nudges being talked about when getting an audience to change and/or adopt new behaviors. They say it’s duplicitous, sneaky, underhanded, downright criminal in some cases. They… Continue Reading →

Two – Two – 2 Posts in One – Contradictory Thursday

Missed yesterday. Making up today. Post #1 – You Don’t Motivate Anyone HUGE misnomer – you can’t motivate anyone. I know there are 100s of consultants that will sell you a system/process promising to motivate people. I disagree. I create… Continue Reading →

Break the Rules

Best practices are simply “the rules” we believe drive success. We look to successes and ask what they did and then emulate that and hope for the best. And in many cases that’s a great starting point. But keep in… Continue Reading →

Veterans Day – Thank You

I come from a military family. Not only am I proud of my family – but I am also proud of my many friends who have served. Growing up military I understand and appreciate the sacrifices every serviceperson makes. I… Continue Reading →

Who Really Drives Results?

Pick any sport… if you wanted your team to be the best would you spend money on the coaches office or the equipment needed to make your athletes better? Yeah. I thought so.  A few years ago when we started… Continue Reading →

Today is my 33rd Wedding Anniversary

In today’s world 33 years of dedication and connection is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve been married longer than I haven’t. And I’m also 800 miles away from my wife. Maybe that is why we’ve been together 33 years (not… Continue Reading →

Chronicles of Hebert – #SHRM18 Afternoon Musings June 18, 2018

Chronicles of Hebert – Day 2 Mid-Morning “It’s obvious that the SHRM attendee fondness for ethyl alcohol is only matched by their addiction to caffeine. Every legal stimulate dealer in the area presents a minimum 20-minute wait for service. And… Continue Reading →

Don’t Mess With Lisa Rosendahl

HR is a tough job. And there are tough people who do this job. One of them is Lisa Rosendahl. Today is Tim Sackett Day – a day to recognize someone in HR who doesn’t usually get the props they… Continue Reading →

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