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Where is your heart? Why In-Person Still Matters (maybe more than ever…)

I’m going to bet that you are a lot like me. I say that because if you’re reading this blog you probably spend a good amount of time on the Internet. You probably have a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook profile,… Continue Reading →

Mother Teresa and Engagement

I live in South Carolina. Yes… THAT South Carolina – the one with the whole flag thing. But that isn’t what provided the fodder for this post. I saw an public service message on TV the other day about traffic… Continue Reading →

The Weight of Social Footprints on New Ideas and New Thinking

Below (after the horizontal line) is a post I wrote about 2 weeks ago. It’s longish – about 1,300 words. 5 times a normal post. It has been sitting in my “draft” file as I ponder whether to post it… Continue Reading →

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