Too often we apply similar rules to similar audiences. I urge you to look deeper into your audiences and figure out what makes them the same. And then figure out what makes them different. Use that information to inform your program design.

For example.

Some participant groups have very high turnover. Some don’t.

When faced with a situation where the audience turnover is very high, I always try to create a transactional program to first get their attention – and then layer in some sort of bonus for longevity. Maybe a 75%/25% payout. 75% now – 25% in 6 months or as an end of year bonus. Keep the participants connected via the rewards while you build engagement via communications.

If my audience has low turnover, I include training activities along with the sales performance awards.

I don’t bother with too much training on a high turnover group. It makes no sense to invest in training with that audience. I have little chance of keeping them around long enough for them to do anything with the newly acquired knowledge. However, it does makes sense to train an audience that will stay. That investment will pay off.

It’s never about one thing for everyone.

It’s never simply do “x get y.”

At least not for those of us that do it right.