So often we want to design an incentive program that is “clever.” Something new and different. And that’s okay.

But ask yourself if you are designing the program for the program designer or for the audience you need to engage?

I’ve seen powerpoint templates that have all the earmarks of great design (can you say plenty of white space?) If a designer looked at that powerpoint template they’d comment on how well it was designed. 

But ask the person who has to create a selling presentation using that “designer’s design” if it works for them. Many times using great design is a nightmare.

Incentive program design can fall into the same trap. 

Clever programs with many gates and too many “behavioral” theories packed into the program create more problems and less performance. 

Remember – program design should help achieve a business goal not just leverage all the coolest new behavioral economic studies in one place. 

Too much design – over kill – blivet